Wednesday, September 15, 2010

GDA: Dulcolax @ Walgreens - Moneymaker!

Great moneymaker on Dulcolax Balance this week... here is a coupon for a whopping $8.00 off any size Dulcolax Balance from their website:

The 7-day Balance is on sale this week for $6.99, and there is also a $2.00 IVC in the Sept Q book, so in order to not have the coupon adjusted down or have any beepage, I did this--

buy 3 Dulcolax Balance 7-days @ $6.99= $20.97

use (2) $8/1 Q's and (1) $3/1 Q from 8/8 SS or 9/12 SS

then scan Sept Q book (takes off $6 for buying 3)

total= $4.03 MONEYMAKER

Plus I used 3 of the hangtag coupons on the bottles for $2 off any bottled water when you buy Dulcolax Balance. So all in all, it's 3 free Dulcolax plus $6 off bottled water. Just make sure you have something else to absorb all of the overage. I figured the Depends undies with the MIR would be a good thing help eat up some of the overage since you'll need them after using all that Dulcolax. :)

Thanks, LuvinWags 11 hours ago  (comments)

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