Friday, December 3, 2010

All You Magazine and eBates ~ 2 GREAT DEALS

All You Magazine and eBates ~ 2 GREAT DEALS


All You magazine is FILLED with coupons in every issue. It is a great place to get high value coupons every month, and lots of them! I recently received my December 2010 issue. It contains $51.40 worth of coupons. There is also an alphabetical list of coupons in the front of every issue with the coupon value and page number to make them really easy to find.
To get a really good deal on a subscription to All You Magazine and many more deals in your future…
Sign up for eBates HERE

Ebates pays you cash back for purchases you make when you click through their site first.
After signing up, click on “Books and Magazines” then go to “ValueMags”

Click on “ValueMags” because they offer the highest percentage cash back, “26% Cash Back”. This will take you to the ValueMags web site. Since you clicked through the ebates link to get there, you will earn 26% cash back through eBates for any purchases you make at
Type “All You” in the search box on…

Their current price is $19.97 for a 12 month subscription. You will get $5.19 cash back (26% of your purchase price of $19.97) through eBates for this purchase, making your out of pocket cost only $14.78.

Plus, you will get a $5 bonus through eBates for signing up and making your first purchase through them!

That brings your out of pocket cost down to $9.78 for a 12 month subscription to All You Magazine or only 82¢ per issue!

Ebates pays quarterly (2/15, 5/15, 8/15 and 11/15). So, at the next disbursement date even if you make no more purchases through eBates, you will get $10.19 cash back!

After signing up for eBates, go back to their site before you do any online shopping to see if there is a link to the store you plan to purchase from. If so, each time you click through ebates first you will earn money for each purchase you make online.

The check does come, I have earned my first check last month for $11.  Now that christmas is coming I will be doing most of my shopping online, especially the stores that offer FREE shipping and great deals.

CHECK EBATES first when you are doing your online ordering from different companies!