Monday, December 3, 2012

Publix Coupon Policy Explained – Coupons For Store Gift Cards

Competitor Coupons that give you a gift card with purchase.

While these coupons are not as prevalent as other competitor coupons, they show up on occasion and can make for a great deal!

Publix has decided that if they offer the exact items required for purchase on the coupon they will honor the store gift card offer!

Here is the wording on

Q: Will Publix accept a competitor’s coupon for a free $5 gift card with the purchase of an item or items (e.g. a coupon for “Buy both Raid Max Bug Barriers 1 gallon Starter Kit and Refill, Receive a $5 store gift card”).

A: Yes, if we carry the identical items named on the coupon, you’ll receive a $5 Publix gift card with the required purchase.

Target often issues these type of coupons. So, next time you see one of these available – remember you can use it at Publix to grab a great deal!

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Thanks, I heart Publix